Mastermind Week # 3 – Be Enthusiastic

Trying to be enthusiastic at times is very difficult. Many things throughout your day can pull your emotions in many different directions. I know you can control your actions and feelings by creating the right thoughts in your subconscious to bring out things that are great and beautiful. Sometimes though that is not as easy as it sounds. I have found out it can be a constant struggle as I have let my conscious mind control how I feel for to long now.

I am getting better, in controlling my thoughts, the more I get into this course and see I can reprogram my inner mind. It is interesting to understand that you can change your entire life by changing your thoughts of your subconscious to bring forth the desired results you want in this world.

I have always assumed you had to physically work to change your direction in life. Now, I realize that you can change so much with your life by changing things from within. The world can be at your disposal if you enthusiastically control what you are putting into your inner mind.

I am eager to see where this course takes me in my journey to live the life I have always dreamed.

Peace and Love,




3 thoughts on “Mastermind Week # 3 – Be Enthusiastic

  1. You have unlocked such a key discovery Bruce. It all starts with the mind, even the physical. Bravo for coming to and embracing this understanding. I can’t wait to read more of your discoveries. Peace and Love to you as well!


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