Mastermind Week # 1, intrigued

I am writing my first blog today about the Master Key Mastermind Experience. This course states that you can change things from within and start making the life of your dreams manifest right in front of you. I am truly blessed to be in this group and start this journey, that will be tough at times, to change my thought process to bring about things I have dreamed of for so long. 

All my life, I have let my mind control my thoughts and outcomes because I did not think I deserved anything great in this life. So, after starting this first week’s readings, making my first draft of my DMP, doing this first blog, I feel as though my inner world is changing. I feel more calm during the day and my mind is not wandering around thinking crazy thoughts that can harm me and sabotage things in my work life and my family life. 

This course has come into my life when I needed it most. I have been searching for ways to become a better person and the best way to do that is change yourself within first and then things will change without. Excited to be on this crazy journey and I look forward to sharing these changes with all of you.








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